Thoughtful Gifts For Every Occasion . . .

Thoughtful Gifts For Every Occasion . . .

Beloved Gift Shop will provide all your kitchen and party needs. Peruse the page for functional Delftware style cookware, wine glasses, themed coasters, Hiccup shot glasses, colorful cookie jars, Coffee & Tea Mugs and more.

A true chef’s kitchen requires a lot of kitchen gadgets, cookware, bakeware, appliances — you name it, you need it. However, finding space for cooking, entertaining and storing all those handy products can be a challenge, especially in smaller kitchens. When space is lacking, selective shopping and strategic storage are musts. Here are your have-to-have kitchen products and essential organizing tips to solve your biggest storage dilemmas.

Friends don't let friends wine alone Wine Glass

$20.00 USD

Mama bear needs a drink Crystal Glass

$25.00 USD